Hi, 👋🏽 I'm

Jay Chang

I build, launch, and grow products users love. In my free time, I blockchain, food instagram, and give back to my community.

Welcome to my corner

For over a decade, I've built a career as a consultant building & launching products for Fortune 500 companies.

As a proud USC Trojan graduate, I started my career as a freelancer focused on digital transformation for brick and mortar businesses. After 8 years of agency experience building and launching everything from VR games to AI Selfie drones, I left the client world and fell in love with growing developer communities.

Today, I'm a Product Marketing Manager at Google on the Platforms and Ecosystems Developer Marketing team. I'm a small part of an amazingly talented group of individuals that are growing Flutter to be the most widely adopted multi-platform UI framework in the world; loved by a global developer community.

Outside of the tech world in my day job, I've spent the last 5 years interviewing chefs around the world on my Instagram. I've been blessed to travel the world experiencing cultures and sharing culinary stories through the universal language of food.

Here's a bit of my work

I’ve led 0-1 products to a growth stage across a variety of industries with a focus on emerging technologies, games, and social platforms for global companies. I started my career in Product Management, but became obsessed with Product Marketing when I discovered my passion for taking products to market and building thriving open source developer communities.

Building Beautiful Apps for Any Screen with Flutter

At Google, I work on Flutter, an open source UI framework for building beautiful multi-platform applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.

Experiencing Google I/O at Home Around the World

For Google I/O '21, I led the launch of the #IOPhotoBooth, a best-in-class example of Flutter's capabilities on the web, to bring the experience of attending Google I/O home to developers around the world.

Growing Blockchain Developer Ecosystems

Before Google, I led product marketing at Block.one, growing EOSIO from launch to one of the largest active blockchain developer communities in the world. Block.one is a global leader in high-performance blockchain software.

Sharing the Journey

From speaking on global stages at Blockchain Innovation Summits to mentoring startups at Hackathons and guest lecturing at my alma mater, I've been able to share my experiences along the way giving back to the technology community I grew up in.

I'd love to connect

Shoot me a message to get in touch! TLDR; I like to talk about open source developer products, blockchain, and food.

"Convert high, churn low, make memorable first impressions, and continually find ways to empower your community to be your advocate."

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