Optimizing Your Google Places Business Listing

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Get your Google Places Business Listing to show up in the “7-Pack” – The Top 7 Map listings shown on the first page of Google.

Believe it or not, most local businesses haven’t even considered adding their services to Google Places, despite 97% of people using Google as their new form of the Yellow Pages. An estimated 90% of all small businesses have yet to claim their Google Places spot. Considering how much traffic and sales Google Places helps create every day, this is a very surprising number. If you’re looking for a competitive advantage over other local businesses, it may be time to start optimizing your Google Places page.

Google also has been known to give special attention to the first seven listings of any local business niche. These 7 slots are often called the “7 Pack” due to the prominent position that they receive. The top slot will receive over 40% of all clicks that is directed towards a certain niche. The second slot gets around 15% of the traffic. Few people ever venture past the first page, so it’s crucial to get your Google Places listing in the top seven slots as soon as possible.

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The first and primary step of any presence on the internet is to establish the best keywords and phrases and your customers will be using to find you.  You need to Optimize your Listing’s Content.  Is your listing 100% full?  Does it target the best phrases that your customers would use to look for you?  For me, it was probably something like Local Marketing or Google Places Consultant.  Use those phrases and words in your written content to ensure you can be found for those phrases. After you’ve optimized your listing content you’re ready for more advanced strategies.

Submit your Google Places link (or your business) to local directories. Try to submit them to as many of these as possible. Using the Universal Business Listings Service is a great way to save time and effort when submitting information to local directories. It’s absolutely crucial to make sure that all the information stays constant. Your company name, address, website, email, phone number, and more all have to be identical in order to get the most search engine prevalence. Some savvy engineers also will take the time and the effort to reverse engineer their competitors’ listings to discover which directories they should subscribe to.

Get plenty of external links to your site. External links are a main element of search engine optimization, and shouldn’t be ignored. You should have a goal to create 20 to 50 links for each listing. It’s possible to hire others to create external links to your site in order to boost your listing’s ranking. Places like YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr can be used for this purpose. Create content, tag your keywords, and add a link to your Google Places site.

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Get as many reviews as possible. Reviews aren’t just a search engine optimization tool; they are how customers build trust with your company before they even set foot inside of your store. If you’ve got testimonials from your existing customers it will be a great opportunity to reach out to them and ask them to re-list the review on your new location.  It won’t take them but a minute and you can email them the link to your listing so they don’t even need to find it.

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