Internet Business Consulting

“Innovation is about Process Improvement, not just Invention…Looking for better ways to do the things we’re already doing.”

My Internet Consulting process is centered on my learning about your business, industry, and market to make the best recommendations and deliver a total package of the best online initiatives that will grow your company.

In my initial discovery, I will learn more about your businesses and do research into the industries and markets your companies are in now. Initially, I’ll need to meet with key decision makers in your company to determine what the goals and visions are for your brand.

Throughout the planning phase I will be creating documented research of our findings. We will work together to assemble a plan of what will be most effective to grow your brand online. Through the process, some of the things I’ll want to learn are: How did you grow the business to this point? What has been working and has not worked for your company in the past? How do your current customers find you? What is your vision for your company online? and ultimately, What types of goals do you have for traffic and conversion on your website to generate customers? Industry Research will include what your most successful current competitors are doing now through each medium and how we can improve on their success and tailor strategies to your business.  We will learn what is working now in each market, what they are doing to interact with their customer base, and how they promote their products online. Ultimately, by building on what is working in the market now, bettering those techniques and strategies, we can plan the most effective internet marketing campaign for your company.

At the conclusion of the planning stage, we will have assembled a detailed internet marketing plan that will outline the specific initiatives and online mediums that your company will use to build your brand online. This plan will answer questions like: What types of changes to your website can be made to increase conversion? How do I increase customer interaction with my products through reviews and testimonials? Which Social Networks are most effective for my industry, how and what can your company do to create a presence that will attract visitors, generate fans, and ultimately increase sales?

If your business has the scalability to bring on additional full-time staff to take on the roles required to manage your company’s online presence, then execution consulting at this point will be directed toward organizing your internal workforce to be aligned with the internet marketing plan and goals that were set during our consultations.  Alternatively, for most small businesses as these tasks are so varied and require individual skill sets, contracting a team of individually skilled contractors can accomplish the same end on a smaller scale.  After building the plan, I will assemble and manage a the team that will execute the internet marketing plan we build for your brand.   I will be your single point of contact and will communicate your brand’s vision online to each member of the team.  At this point, having worked with you to develop the plan, I’ll know exactly what needs to be done through each medium to deliver on your company’s goals and will be able to effectively communicate your company’s message to your online marketing team.

If my services sound like a good fit for your company to grow your brand online, Contact Me!